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Surely, this is the only way to make bars?

My friends often ask why we make our Eat Natural bars in such small batches. Well, we've been making bars this way for over 20 years, and I rarely stop to think about it myself. It just seems so obvious.

We created our very first recipes in my small flat in Epping, a leafy Essex town. We would pick up big bags of ingredients from the local health food shop, and happily wile away the hours, music turned up loud, stirring our mix in a big bowl with a wooden spoon.

I remember we once had more than 15 different varieties of honey on the kitchen table; we tasted each one to see how they married with our nuts and fruit. We have always believed that if you only have a handful of ingredients then it’s really important to make sure that each one sings as loudly as it can.

Once we were happy with our new recipes, we spent several months trying to find machinery to make them on a bigger scale. We wanted to replicate our own method exactly, capturing the wholesomeness and simplicity of the ingredients. After much searching, Preet soon realised that he was going to have to design elements of the equipment himself. I guess it gave him a chance to show off his engineering skills!

Now, imagine you’re making a cake from scratch at home. Making an Eat Natural bar is much the same. You choose nice ingredients, weigh them out carefully, work them together softly, and bake them gently. We don’t over-mix or overheat our bars as they would lose their inherent goodness.

We still can’t think of a better way to make bars today. We are not control freaks, but we do like to know that from the grower to the store, our ingredients and our bars have been looked after.

There’s only one thing that’s essential above all else if you want people to come back for more – whether that be the cake you have just baked or one of our bars – and that’s taste. In this age of hyper efficiency, speed, technology and high speed equipment, we still see the benefit in slowing down and keeping things beautifully simple. It’s really the only way we know how.