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Our first vegan bar

Eat nice food, feel good. That’s always been our philosophy. It’s pretty simple. But what if the things you’ve been eating start to make you feel uneasy? Troubled? Worried?

A lot’s been said lately by bloggers, ‘wellness gurus’ and campaigners about the value of a plant-based lifestyle. So what’s it all about? Well, the idea is that by removing animal-derived products entirely from your diet and environment you’ll be doing your bit to bring about a cruelty-free future, a more sustainable economy and, arguably, healthier eating habits. So is it for you?

In January many of us embraced Veganuary, a kind of ‘veganism lite’ that’s a nice way of finding out what it means to reduce our reliance on animal derivatives. It’s a concept we’ve been exploring at Eat Natural. All our bars and cereals are, of course, vegetarian. But much as we adore honey (seriously), we know lots of our customers are looking for alternatives to traditional ingredients that involve other creatures. The result? Our maple syrup, peanuts and pecan bar. It’s our first vegan product and a chance for omnivores, veggies and vegans alike to enjoy naturally good things in a handy snack bar.