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Eat Natural recalls batches of its ‘brazil & sultana with peanuts and almonds’ bar due to possible Salmonella risk


Following the precautionary recall of batches of our ‘brazil and sultana with peanuts and almonds’ bar, our team have been working hard to secure a new supplier of brazil nuts. We have implemented extra checks over and above those required by regulations and we are back baking new batches of this bar. Deliveries to stores are already well underway and stock is starting to reach the shelves ready for you to enjoy. As you can imagine it will take a little while for everywhere to catch up, so we do appreciate your patience if our ‘brazil and sultana with peanuts and almonds’ bar is not at a store near you just yet.


Please be assured that this is an issue relating to Brazil nuts, not our production processes. We have received no similar complaints or found any similar issues with any of our other products. We carry out routine microbiological surveillance testing on a regularly scheduled basis and have found no cause for concern with any of our other products. We make approximately 90 million bars per year and have been producing products in the same way for over 22 years, with this being the first time an issue such as this has happened. For these reasons, we are confident that this is an isolated incident.


The local environmental health officer stated: “The product recall has been initiated not as a result of a manufacturing error but rather due to the potential salmonella contamination due to the inclusion of a contaminate ready to eat ingredient (brazil nuts).”

Do you still have questions?..

 Why was this product recalled?

As a reminder, the precautionary recall came after reports of a small number of people became ill with Salmonella, some of whom had consumed an Eat Natural bar containing Brazil nuts, as well as other food items. Further investigations identified an issue with Brazil nuts, so as a precautionary measure, we removed the only product we make which contains Brazil nuts, namely the ‘brazil & sultana with peanuts and almonds’

We continue to work with all relevant authorities including the Food Standards Agency and Environmental Health Officer, alongside our retailers to ensure that the affected product has been removed from shelves.

Is the bar I have affected?

The formats affected are in both single and multipack formats and are distinguishable by their purple and transparent film. The size of pack and best before dates affected are:

35g, 50g single bars and multipacks, as well as 20 x 50g assorted mix packs and 28 bar assorted boxes containing the ‘brazil and sultana with peanuts and almonds’ bar. Best Before End Dates: AUG 2020 -JULY 2021 inclusive.

I have still recalled bars what do I do?

Consumers who have purchased the product mentioned above, which match the best before dates, are urged not to consume the bar and to return it to the place of purchase for a full refund (with or without a receipt).

What best before dates should appear on bars in the stores now?

All the new batches of our ‘brazil and sultana with peanuts and almonds’ bar will be dated BBE AUG 2021 and later.

Where can I buy the new bars?

We have been busy delivering to depots for many of the big supermarkets including Waitrose, Tesco, Asda and Coop, as well as directly to wholesalers who supply your local convenience store. Sadly we don’t get to find out stock levels in individual stores.

Were any of your other product affected?

This was an isolated incident related to some batches of Brazil nuts and does not affect any of our other bars or cereal products in any way.  The health and safety of consumers is of utmost importance and our number one concern and the recall was a precautionary measure as part of this.

For further question please contacting us on…

Tel: 01787 479123

Email: [email protected]