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gluten-free? Have we got something to tempt you…

No-one likes missing out, so this Coeliac Awareness Week we're celebrating the goodness of gluten-free ingredients.

When you make something you're really proud of you want to share it with everyone, right? Us too. Luckily for us it just so happens that lots of our favourite ingredients – nutty buckwheat, crispy puffed rice, seeds, coconut and so on – are naturally free from gluten. Hurray! So whether you're just trying a new way of eating or have been told that gluten doesn't agree with your insides, you can choose from 26 bars and cereals in our range. Or use them to make your own treat to share around. Why not try...

Eliminating gluten from your diet isn’t always so easy. Checking menus and studying labels and asking questions becomes a bit tedious – we’d rather kick back with a cuppa and the latest copy of Gluten-Free Heaven – but when it comes to our products we promise we’ll keep things simple. You can see our whole gluten-free range here.

For more ideas, recipes and inspiration take a look at our Facebook and Instagram feeds or for any advice on following a gluten free diet, visit Coeliac UK

Coeliac Awareness Week runs from 13th to 19th May, helping to reach people who might not know they have coeliac disease.