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Great news from Bolivia

We're thrilled to welcome Brazil nuts back to our Makery. Here's why...

As you may know, in 2017 a drought across the Amazonian rainforests of Bolivia caused the Brazil nut crop to fail, creating a global shortage of this most popular nut. Even worse, the poor harvest devastated local communities in Bolivia where indigenous people rely on collecting and shelling nuts for their livelihoods.

So, we invested in 20 of the worst-hit communities, supporting a Bolivian NGO* to give local people paid work raising a new generation of Brazil trees while they waited for the mature trees to bear fruit again. Back home at our Makery we tweaked some of our recipes, using other nuts to stand in for the mighty Brazil…but of course nothing else tastes quite the same.

Two years on, the great news from Bolivia is that while the projects we support are bearing fruit for local people, the mature trees have produced a better crop. The most recent harvest weighed in at around 80% of normal yield. Some quality issues mean there still aren’t quite enough nuts for us to switch back to all our old recipes, but we have been able to return Brazils to the much-loved brazil & sultana bar. You’ll find it in stores very soon.

*A non-governmental organisation called CIPCA (Centre for Research and Promotion of Rural Farming