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Introducing our plant-based granola range

Looking for a good reason to leap out of bed? We've got two...

Brrrr, it's dark and chilly these winter mornings so here's some breaking news to brighten breakfast: we've launched two new plant-based granolas.

We've traditionally used honey in our recipes, so exploring plant-based alternatives has been a journey of discovery. "It's always an exciting challenge working with new ingredients," says Ashly, our in-house product developer. "Coconut blossom nectar is a lovely syrup with the sweet aroma of brown sugar, so it adds an indulgent twist without the sugar. It's taken time in our development kitchen to get the right balance of sugar without comprising on taste. The prize for all that tinkering and testing is granolas that have no refined sugar and yet taste seriously indulgent. No hint of compromise."

low sugar granola

The secret ingredient to our low sugar plant-based granola? Indonesian coconut blossom nectar, which gives a rich, indulgent sweetness that puts refined sugar in the shade.

At our Makery we drizzle the nectar over toasted coconut shavings, whole roasted almonds, wholegrain oats, crunchy buckwheat and creamy sunflower seeds.

The result is a light but satisfying bowlful that’s big on flavour and fibre, but low on sugar (just 2.2g per serving).

nutty granola

If that weren’t excitement enough for an early start, we’re bringing out the big guns.

Our new nutty granola is a real crowd-pleaser, crammed with big-hitting hero flavours: hunky peanuts, whole almonds and coconut slivers cluster up with golden spelt and corn flakes, crunchy seeds, toasted rye crumb and wholegrain oats.

A dash of sea salt and a drizzle of coconut blossom nectar (but no refined sugars) ramp up the flavour to create a fab family breakfast with the added benefit of being high in fibre.

You can find our new granolas at a Waitrose & Partners store near you.

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