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our growing protein range

Our protein range is growing...


Protein's a big thing these days, isn't it? It's probably all that rushing around, working out and trying to stay healthy we're all doing. Protein can help with that kind of thing. It also comes packaged in some pretty brilliant natural ingredients, too, like peanuts and almonds and soya beans. And it seem you liked our first 'extra protein' bar – it's become our Makery's most popular bake – so we've added a couple of friends to keep it company. Here's the whole range...
Protein packed with chocolate and orange
Here’s the crunch: our special peanuts make up 54% of the mix in our newest bar, with pieces of Turkish apricot, chunks of dark chocolate and a drizzle of honey giving a satisfying chew. But discerning palates will notice a new character: our secret blend of orange oils (a dash of Brazilian with a whisper of Spanish) gives a refreshingly natural orange flavour. It’s deep and botanical and marmalady…Well, see what you think (and enjoy that 11g of protein while you’re at it). 
Protein packed with salted caramel and peanuts
Who doesn’t love salted caramel? Ours blends muscovado sugar, buttermilk and salt to complement some big favourite ingredients of ours. Our signature peanuts and almonds (they add to the 11g of protein in each bar) deserve gentle handling, so we lightly tumble them with our new salted caramel and add a few chewy dates to sweeten the deal. The result? A seriously hunky bar, bristling with peanuts, that’s tasty enough to be served for dessert.
Protein packed with peanuts and chocolate
Our first particularly protein-rich bar has a few special features. It comes packed with hunky peanuts – course it does, that’s what help give each bar 10g of protein – but generous chunks of dark chocolate, soya crispies AND toasted coconut shreds? No wonder it’s our bestselling bar.