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Our TV debut on BBC Two’s Inside the Factory…

We were excited to share news of our appearance on BBC Two’s Inside the Factory. The episode aired on Tuesday 5th May at 9pm and followed every step in the production of our much-loved Eat Natural dark chocolate with cranberries and macadamias bar – from the selection of our South African macadamia nuts, to the dispatch of our freshly baked bars.

Leanne Taylor, Operations Manager, said of the filming, “We’re so much more than just a fruit and nut bar; in my 16 years here I’ve worked across the whole business and it was amazing to have the cameras behind the scenes to show the world what we do every day.”

Lisa Conning, Technical Manager, added, “I really enjoyed showing people the way we produce our bars, as unlike other larger scale manufacturers we are still really hands on, which is not the norm in mainstream food production.”

Praveen Vijh, Co-Founder, believes that the whole process “was one of the most exciting things to happen in the history of Eat Natural, how proud it made me feel, and how brilliant it was to watch Gregg and his team see how simple our bars are to make. It’s not rocket science! Simple ingredients, a few human beings, an oven – and a lot of love.”

Facts you may not know about Eat Natural…

  • In 2019 we made 94.5 million bars, and just under 5m boxes of granolas and toasted mueslis
  • Dark chocolate cranberry and macademia is one of our top 3 selling bars, selling over 12 million in 2019
  • In 24 hours we will produce on average 405,000 bars
  • 1.9 million bars leave the warehouse every week
  • We export our bars and cereals to 37 countries, from Gibraltar to the Philippines, but mostly Europe

We loved inviting the cameras (and presenters Gregg Wallace and Cherry Healy) into the Makery. We hope you enjoyed watching Inside the Factory as much as we enjoyed making it.

If you have any questions or feedback, please get in touch.