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What is coconut nectar? 

At Eat Natural we love making new discoveries, which is why we're so excited about coconut blossom nectar...

What is coconut nectar? 

It's a sweet plant syrup that begins life in the flowering stems of coconut palms. The nectar is carefully tapped in the same way maple syrup or birch sap is collected. Next it's heated to evaporate some of its moisture, leaving a rich, caramelly syrup.

What does it taste like? 

Syrups differ a little according to provenance and the methods used to evaporate the moisture. Ours is a deep brown caramelly syrup with rich treacle tones and a naturally sweet finish. Delicious.

Where can I try it? 

You can find coconut nectar in two of our new plant-based cereals – nutty granola and low sugar granola – where it's doing a grand job of keeping things big on taste but low on sugar.

It's a great natural substitute for honey, making it perfect for a plant-based living.