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What’s for breakfast?

This is a question we ask ourselves everyday. We've shared a few of our favourite breakfasts, whether you're looking for a fibre boost, a post-workout protein lift or to simply to keep you going until lunchtime.




150g Skyr or low fat Greek yoghurt

One serving of Eat Natural protein granola

80g fruit of your choice

And a coffee!!

Skyr is a great alternative to regular yoghurt if you’re doing a lot of exercise, as it tends to be higher in protein. After exercising, we need protein to enable our muscles to grow and repair. After exercising, the energy stores in our muscles have been depleted, so it’s also important to take in carbohydrate to replenish this, otherwise there’s less energy for this process to happen. The fruit and granola help to replenish these stores. A coffee can pick you up if you’re feeling a bit worn out!

High fibre…

One serving of Eat Natural nuts and seeds with honey

Milk of your choice

2 handfuls (80g) of blackberries and/or raspberries

1 medium pear

Many people in the UK consume well below the recommended 30g per day. An easy way to increase your fibre intake could be switching to a high fibre breakfast cereal, rather than one based on refined grains. Adding fruit to your cereal is also a tasty way to add some extra fibre to your breakfast. Berries such as raspberries and blackberries are great options, and adding an extra piece of fruit on the side gives another fibre boost to start your day.

Fill you up…

One serving Eat Natural low sugar granola

150g Greek yoghurt (full fat will be more satisfying)

1 small banana

1 spoonful nut butter

If you’re looking for a breakfast to keep you going all morning the key is make sure it’s balanced so your body is getting the nutrition it needs. Greek yoghurt and nut butter help provide protein and a little fat to make your breakfast more satisfying. A low sugar granola reduces the likelihood of a big spike in energy followed by a dip, leaving you reaching for the biscuits mid-morning!

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