About us

where it started

Eat Natural began 25 years ago when two friends took a road trip Down Under. The laidback, outdoorsy Australian lifestyle inspired Eat Natural’s co-founders to create delicious-tasting bars, using simple, delicious ingredients from nature.

the first bar

Using kitchen cupboard ingredients, it led to the creation of their first recipe; the date and walnut bar, an Eat Natural classic.

Today, the brand produces an array of bars that anyone and everyone can enjoy, for on-the-go snacking, mid-morning moments or even as a convenient breakfast…

what's important to us

Today, Eat Natural prides itself on producing delicious bars and cereals.

With texture, quality and simplicity at the heart of Eat Natural’s agenda, we’ll consistently strive to deliver mouth-watering bars, filled with simple ingredients. Taste remains a priority as Eat Natural continues to expand its range of authentic flavours…