8 steps to the perfect picnic

Warmer days and lighter evenings gives us the perfect excuse to head outside for a picnic. Not only is it a perfect chance to lap up nature, but al fresco dining on the grass can also be far kinder to the purse strings than eating out.

There are however a few hacks to the perfect picnic. From the food you pack, to the utensils in your picnic basket, give these tips a go and make your outdoor feast a great one…

Find a good spot and pack comfy seating

No-one wants to be sat on damp grass or bumpy terrain, so make sure everyone is comfortable by packing a soft blanket as well as various cushions.

 Aim to set up your picnic in a shady area to avoid food being exposed to the sun, and try to find a lush, grassy area for a little extra comfort! Blankets are always a wise idea in case the temperatures drop, plus they provide an extra layer of cushioning to sit on.

Don’t forget a chopping board!

Cutting up a loaf of bread or slicing up ham can be a little tricky without a hard surface. A strong chopping board and a strong disposal knife need to be a priority in your picnic hamper as they’ll make life far easier when it comes to preparing food. Kitchen roll or napkins can also help to keep your board tidy.

Use kitchen cutlery and save on plastic waste

It might seem easier to just load up on plastic cutlery, plates and cups however, this contributes to environmental damage as plastic waste simply sits on landfill sites for hundreds of years before breaking [1], plus it can pollute our rivers and oceans[2].

Instead, why not opt for recyclable picnic cutlery? The lids of tupperware boxes can also work as plates.

Check your tupperware doesn’t leak

If you’ve packed up some dressed salads or sauces, triple check that the containers you carry them in are firmly shut!

Do a little test run beforehand by filling your tupperware with water, closing it tightly and tipping upside down, whilst giving a little shake. No leakage? Perfect, then you’re good to go. If, however, you notice even a slight leak, considering using another container.

Mason jars are good options; you may want to pour sauces or dips into small containers and then dress food when you arrive at the picnic.

Carry a cool box

Putting in the effort to whip up some tasty dishes is all well and good, but it might all be a waste of time if you turn up to a picnic and your food has gone off or spoiled.

Save the worry of any fresh picnic grub going off, by packing it all up in a cool box. These insulated boxes, which can be filled with ice cubes, ice trays or even frozen drinks[1], help to ensure that perishables stay fresher for longer.

Pack some food that won’t spoil

Along with any tasty plates that you prepare, having some ready-to-eat food is also a good idea. Crisps and non-dairy based dips such as salsa work well, as do pre-packed foods such as biscuits and bars. Eat Natural bars are available in a range of flavours, and they are filled with delicious ingredients such as fruits, nuts, seeds and grains.

Always tidy up after…

Caring for our green spaces means picking up any litter and leaving our picnic area how we found it.

Litter, such as packets, bottles and cans, isn’t just unattractive, but it can clog drains, destroy animal homes and pollute rivers and soils[1]. Take litter home or place it in a nearby bin and help play your part in protecting our environment.