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Our beekeeping project…

Bees are a pretty big deal. We know that they help feed the world by pollinating crops and making all that lovely honey. Closer to home they're involved in many of the amazing ingredients that arrive into our Makery. We wouldn't be able to make our bars or cereals without them. That's why we do what we can to keep them at it. Our support for the British honeybee looks a bit like this...


We partnered with the British Beekeepers Association to learn how we could help support honey bees. The result was Pollenation, a plan to train and equip a new generation of beekeepers who’d keep the craft alive. The hives? Made from skilled craftsmen from our reclaimed wooded pallets.


Wbbe started working with 25 experienced BBKA members to trial our Pollenation hives, working out what the bees loves and which design elements needed refining. Each hive was kitted out with bee-monitoring tech from Arnia, to ramp up the difference each beekeeper could make to the bee population. You can learn more here.


Our BBKA ‘pioneers’ mentored an intake of 25 ‘newbees’, passionate beginners keen to learn the craft of beekeeping supported by Eat Natural kit and training.


Our numbers grew, with 50 more beginners recruited to start colonies in their own Pollenation hives.


We welcomed 80 new novices to Pollenation. You can meet the whole community here.


With our Pollenation community of 180 beekeepers successfully building the buzz we’re looking at ways we can help everyone support our pollinators with our ‘give bees a chance’ campaign.

Find out how you can help our pollinators here.