Our mission to stay sustainable.

We know there’s always more that can be done and we continue to work hard to minimise our impact on the environment and help support a happier, healthier planet.


  • now easier to recycle

    Our wrappers have always been transparent to allow you to see our bars and their delicious ingredients. The good news is that they can now be recycled at most major supermarket too! By taking wrappers and other “soft plastic” packaging back to store on your next shopping trip, you can help reduce the waste that ends up on landfill sites and give packaging a second life!

  • supporting our communities

    We’re also committed to ensuring that any bars and cereals which are produced in excess don’t end up as waste. We do this by donating them to Fareshare, a charity that helps fight hunger by redistributing surplus food to charities. Since our first donation in 2017, we have donated over 40 tonnes of our products to help those affected by food poverty.

keeping food waste to a minimum

To keep Eat Natural’s food waste to a minimum, we convert it into energy via a process called anaerobic digestion. This means there are no nasty greenhouse gases released when waste food ends up on landfill and instead, a biofertiliser is produced which helps farmlands too! Every tonne of food waste recycled in this way reduces the impact of CO2 entering the atmosphere.

local rewilding

With the support of our local community we are encouraging people to “Give Bees a Chance”. Our bee-friendly wildflower seeds have been sewn in community gardens, as well as by local residents and businesses.

You too can take small steps to help the UK pollinator population.

working with bees

There’s more than meets the eye to those little bees. Not only do they help make many of the delicious ingredients in our bars and cereals, but they also pollinate crops around the world.
Did you know that one third of the human food supply comes from crops that depend on pollination by bees?

In 2015 we launched our Pollenation project and to date, we have trained 180 beekeepers, equipping them with hives  made from disused pallets from our Makery.

Protecting nature in Essex

We’ve partnered up with Essex Wildlife Trust to help support various projects in towns, villages and cities this autumn.

There are already several projects underway aimed at protecting and restoring the pockets of nature in Essex, whilst also creating new homes for wildlife.

Here’s how we’re supporting our local community…

if bees teach us one thing it’s that great things can be achieved when we all work together.