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Our environment: how we’re raising the bar…

We all know the way we live our lives has a big impact on the health of our planet and the people we share it with. When you run a business that responsibility gets a bit bigger and, as you’d expect, we take it seriously.

We’re not perfect, but here’s what we’re doing…


Our packaging

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Reducing the volume of plastic in our packaging...
Over the years we've gradually whittled down the thickness of the film that wraps each bar by 30%. Our wrappers keep your bars in tip-top condition; we've always kept them clear so you can see the wholesome ingredients inside.
91% recycled content
Our multi pack and breakfast cartons are made from 91% recycled material, and even better you can recycle them again too.
Collecting ocean bound plastics...
Together with Plastic Bank we've already collected 245,242kg of ocean bound plastics. That's the equivalent of over 12 million plastic bottles.

We are pleased to be continuing our partnership, with a commitment for a further 80,000kg in 2022.

Our ingredients

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We use RSPO certified palm oil...
We’re proud of our yoghurt coating’s unique taste and texture – it took us a whole year to get the recipe just right. Our palm kernel oil supplier, who we’ve been working with for many years, is RSPO certified.
We’re supporting Brazil nut growers affected by crop failure...
Bad weather and climate change caused the Brazil harvest to fail in 2017, which devastated the rural communities of Bolivia that sell us their nuts. In 2017 we began working with Bolivian NGO CIPCA, who have used our donation to set up nurseries raising cacao, açai, timber trees and healthy new Brazil nut trees to create work and alternative income for local people.
We're exploring plant-based alternatives to honey...
After many hours tinkering in our development 'pod' we've come up with some delicious recipes that use maple syrup, coconut blossom nectar and chicory root fibre. We now have three plant-based products.

The Makery

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Changing to LEDs...
All our lighting across our site has been upgraded to LEDs, reducing our energy consumption by 60%
Turning pallets into beehives...
We have a rehabilitation programme for our old pallets: we send them to Chris, a craftsman down the road in Wickford, who makes them into bee hives. We now have over 180 hives across the country.
KeepCups for all our staff...
We were getting through an eye-watering 3,385 single-use cups a week. Each member of staff has been given their own KeepCup...we can save all that waste from landfill while feeling rather swanky at the same time.

Our charities

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Thank you to all our amazing key workers?
We know its not much in the grand scale of things, but each Eat Natural bar we were able to share with NHS hospitals across the country is our little way of saying thank you for the great work.
No bar goes to waste...
Ensuring no bar we make ever goes to waste has always been important to us, and now more than ever our donations to food charities such as Fareshare and The Trussell Trust have been in high demand.

2020 alone saw over 300,000 Eat Natural bars distributed amongst the hundreds of community care centres, lunch clubs, hostels and foodbanks that these charity help support.
Our beekeeper programme has trained and equipped 180 beekeepers...
Our 'Pollenation' project now has 180 amazing beekeepers. Our hives can be found from Cornwall to John O'Groats – on urban rooftops, island crofts and just about every habitat in between.